Words of Appreciation

Below are comments from our Teachers...

“Music is the universal language,

No matter where we come from,

Even when there are no common words,

The expression of Music touches the heart”

“We are truly grateful for the support from New Horizons at school 42 in the city of Rochester. We have received multiple instrument donations, which have allowed us to expand our music program and now include teaching piano lessons to our children. New Horizons has also sponsored one of our talented vocal students, helping her to join the Hochstein children’s choir where she is doing very well.  There are also many members who graciously give up their time to volunteer at our school, mentoring our instrumental students. They have helped many of our students prepare for their auditions to School of the Arts and for the Eastman Pathways program. We hope to continue to grow our music program, and with the generosity of New Horizons, we are excited for our student’s future in music!”

Kristina Klodnicki

Molly Sanchez

School 42 Music Teachers