When students in suburban schools display aptitude and enthusiasm, their parent normally offers them the opportunity for private lessons.  Based on the U.S. Census Bureau, ranked 50 upstate New York school districts with the worst poverty rates.  Rochester City School District was listed #1 with 50% of the population below poverty line.  Children in these households are not blessed with the opportunity to take private lessons.

In an elementary music setting, the music educator could be teaching instrument basics to as many as six or more children at a time.  Students in the group move through the lesson book at different paces depending on aptitude, motivation and practice habits.  When a student shows exceptional promise, they will be offered to work one-on-one with a Play It Forward volunteer and upon teacher recommendation, begin private lessons.


In one case, PIF supported private lessons for a student through middle school because their teacher felt the experience had such a positive effect on the student's emotional well being.