Fund Raising

Traditionally, Play It Forward outreach has been funded by donations dropped in the tubas on display at our free concerts held in the University of Rochester Advancement Center in November and the annual spring concert at the Eastman Theatre in May.  For the first five years, these donations have made it possible to provide private lessons and band camp experiences to a limited number of students at city Schools 22 and School 42.

We have recently developed a relationship with School 15,  The Children's School of Rochester,  and hope to support children in another school during the school year 2020-2021. 

Our dream of reaching more students with additional school relationships could not be reached with concert donations, therefore we held our first fundraiser in August 2019. The successful event, A Midsummer Stroll to the Sounds of Music, took place in the lovely gardens of Karen and Jerry Kral.

(flyercopy/Carl and Selena photo/Channel 13 news video and musicians)