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About New Horizons "Play It Forward"





We seek to make a difference in RCSD children’s lives by providing them with New Horizons mentoring and encouragement during the school year, including private lessons at ECMS and Hochstein School of Music.   Over the past six years, the “Play It Forward” program has prepared students for future musical opportunities, including the East High School music program and assistance in preparing the student’s audition for admission into the School of The Arts.  Our ultimate goal is acceptance and participation in ECMS’s Pathways program, which provides private lessons through high school graduation and potential acceptance into a post secondary music program.

In addition to private lessons, we have supported ten children with the opportunity to participate in the ECMS Adventure Music Camp and in 2018, (four campers out of ??? were from the city). Instrument repair and access to instruments in our loan closet for summertime lessons and practice are also available.

 New Horizons members who have been school volunteers truly enjoy the music/bonding experience and feel “playing it forward” to RCSD students to be a very rewarding experience.

Please support our Mission: “To inspire RCSD elementary school children to reach their full potential through music education”.   We will “make a difference” if we are able to turn one child’s life around academically and socially with music education!!